Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures in Social Media

Well, with the permission of my lawful ecclesiastical superior, I've decided to try out Twitter. It is, definitely, an experiment. If it turns out to be pointless or time-consuming I will drop it - the blog is getting good traffic as it is.

The Madonna House community is slowly learning about social media and feeling out its apostolic possibilities. I am one of our digital pioneers, tracking the e-regon Trail in my covered cyber-wagon, herding my stray thoughts along down the trail (get along, little dogies! Yah!).

Anyhow, my Twitter name is Fr.Denis Lemieux, if you want to 'follow' me. Now, I know nothing - nothing whatsover - about Twitter (hence the experiment). If anyone reading this knows anything that might help me, and wants to give this poor techno-Luddite a helping hand, feel free to comment below.